The Obama/DNC Conglomerate’s Ideal Female Voter

Having seen various statements from Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Howard Dean about how the female voter should think and behave, I’ve reached directly into their brains and pulled out a composite image of how they see us inconvenient ladies.

I Feel Pretty!

I Feel Pretty!

Ain’t she precious?


5 responses to “The Obama/DNC Conglomerate’s Ideal Female Voter

  1. If obama and the DNC leadership could be anymore clueless, I am not sure how. If they would just STFU and let voters have their say, life would be grand!!

  2. Psstt, That would be nice but those asses just can’t seem to stop talking. Poor dummy Howard Dean calling the GOP the White party was a big help as well.

  3. Note to sweeties who post lies about PUMA: You will be deleted. Don’t bother.

  4. OOOOH SNAP MADAMAB….kick ’em out!

    RalphB….Howard Dean is a classic example of someone who needs to STFU. His yeeeehawwww should be looking pretty good to him right now!

  5. Hilarious.