Please do yourselves a favor and read Riverdaughter’s brilliant post, if you haven’t already. It’s got everything: feminism, MoDo bashing and even poetry by commenter JohninCA.

That was worth it, wasn’t it?

As for me, today is a weekday, so I’m wondering what planet Barack Obama and his followers live on, and why they insist on trying to substitute their delusions for reality. If ObamaWorld is exposed to the light on Earth, will it evaporate as quickly as its ruler’s promises on gun control, Iraq, abortion and FISA?

As I wrote in an earlier piece, Republicans were very involved in ensuring that Barack Obama won the red-state caucuses which account for his slim pledged delegate lead over Senator Clinton. They sent him loads of money and voters, and perhaps taught him the delicate art of election fraud (although from his earlier adventures with Alice Palmer and the State Senate, I’m not sure Oba-Moi needed instruction).

But poor, deluded Oba-Moi still thinks that Republicans will pour into voting booths on Election Day and throw the lever for him. According to Newsweek (and those of us living in the real world), it’s nagahapin.

…As we speak/type/read, the Obama camp is holding a conference call with reporters to unveil “Republicans for Obama,” a branch of its operation designed to show that “Republicans are coming together in support of Senator Obama to bring change to Washington.” That claim was verifiable during the early Democratic primaries, when Republicans willing to crossover and vote in the Democratic contests typically backed Obama over Hillary Clinton by overwhelming margins. Which is why Obama began telling his Obamacan tale in the first place. But now that he’s vying for Republican support against a real, live Republican–a slightly different dynamic–I started to wonder whether the story would still hold up to scrutiny.* Obama may count prominent GOPers like Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, presidential granddaughter Susan Eisenhower, Fairbanks, Alaska Mayor Jim Whitaker, former Iowa Rep. Jim Leach, former Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chaffee and former White House intelligence adviser Rita E. Hauser–all of them namechecked on today’s call–among his announced (or likely) endorsers. But are there enough rank-and-file Republicans whispering their support at Obama rallies to actually make a difference on Election Day?

Nope. Now that their goal is almost achieved – making sure the Democrats nominate the only candidate that could lose to McCain – they are, of course, going to vote for their nominee.


As I discovered from examination the last 18 months of head-to-head general election polls, the answer seems to be “no.” In fact, John McCain’s share of the Democratic vote has typically–and surprisingly–been larger than Obama’s share of the Republican vote. In other words, it’s not that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright scared the Obamacan masses off, as some pundits have theorized–it’s that they never existed (in any unprecedented way) to begin with. In December 2006–before the unfamiliar Illinois senator had officially announced his candidacy–McCain attracted 25 support among Dems versus Obama’s eight percent among Repubs, according to a FOX News poll**. Those numbers tightened over the next few months of polling by various firms, but Obama never established a sustained lead. A February 2007 Quinnipiac survey showed McCain with 17 percent crossover support, for example, versus nine percent for Obama; in a June 2007 sounding by the same outlet, McCain still led 15 percent to 11. During primary season–between December 2007 and April 2008–McCain’s Democratic number typically hovered between 18 and 22. Obama, meanwhile, never climbed higher than 13 percent.

Frankly, this is a surprise to no one who understands how Republicans win elections. They pick the candidate that can appeal to their base AND to the Independents and Democrats that they need to cross the 50.1% threshhold. (They also use every means at their disposal to suppress, discount and switch opposition votes, but this would not be enough for them to win if their choice of candidate was not viable to begin with.) For example, this year, the base wanted Pastor Mike Huckabee, and the Party Leaders said no – and rightly so. If they had listened to their base, they would have gone down in flames in November. Anyone, possibly even Mike Gravel, would have been able to paint Huckabee as an extremist, anti-American lunatic. I mean, the guy wants to rewrite the Constitution to conform to “God’s Laws.” No patriotic American would put up with that nonsense.

Unfortunately, the PKFD has the opposite problem. They are not listening to their base, which, tired of being beaten up by Bush’s steroid-enhanced version of Reaganomics and his Dr. Strangelove version of foreign policy, has picked the most electable candidate in the primaries – Senator Hillary Clinton. No, Party Leaders are turning their backs on reason, common sense and reality, and are choosing to live in ObamaWorld. On that planet, a man with very little experience and a closet full of anti-American crazies can easily beat an experienced soldier with a proven record of moderate stances and working with Democrats. Oh, and on this world, it’s okay to do and say anything to win, it’s okay to praise Republicans and smear Democrats, it’s okay to promote and profit from misogyny and race-baiting, it’s okay to claim votes and delegates from a state in which you deliberately removed yourself from the ballot, and red states are now swing states, whereas real swing states that you need to win the election are now unimportant.

Last night, my husband and I were talking about this election cycle, and I said in frustration, “Why are they doing this to us?” Seriously. What have we ever done, except vote for them, send them money, write them letters of support, volunteer and campaign for them? Because we supported Democrats for our entire lives, and because we want our Party to be fair, just and democratic, our punishment is that we must choose between Opportunistic Thug and Scary Warmongering Man?

Sorry, but I’m not breathing the air on ObamaWorld. It rots your brain and destroys your principles. It’s either Hillary or McCain for me.


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2 responses to “ObamaWorld

  1. The Hillary or McCain for me mantra is building….more and more people would choose a repub over obama. Why? We
    have a better chance with McCain and a veto-proof congress than with obama, who will cave at every turn. And, I suspect he is really a RIDC (republican in dem’s clothing). His arrogance is sooooo huge, he cannot imagine that anyone would not consider voting for him. Stock in Rose Colored Glasses, Inc. has gone up dramatically this campaign cycle; slowly but surely those are being tossed into the recycling bin as many are actually learning what obama is really about….WINNING and nothing else matters.

    Hillary, please take your 18 million voters and start the New
    Democratic Party, that embraces what the Democratic Party once stood for….the good of America!