The Chicago Way

From around the blogosphere, disturbing accounts are starting to trickle into the public awareness. Is The Chicago Way infiltrating the Party Formerly Known As Democratic (PFKD)?

Let’s take a look at the evidence, shall we?

The PFKD Moves to Chicago

The DNC merged with Obama and moved its headquarters to Chicago. This was unprecedented in every way; the scale, the speed, and the fact that it was done BEFORE Obama had won the nomination at the Convention.

I think that one speaks for itself.

Dem-on-Dem-Candidate Violence.

If there’s one thing that we can agree on from the eensy sample of Hillary’s campaign emails that was leaked to the Atlantic Monthly, it’s that Hillary refused Mark Penn’s advice to go full-out against Obama, painting him as un-American and too radical. Hillary did this because she doesn’t believe in Dem-on-Dem violence, and she did not want to destroy his career completely.

Not so the Obama campaign. It went after Senator Clinton and President Clinton with the nastiest, dirtiest tricks I’ve ever seen from a Democratic campaign. Race-baiting, smearing Bill’s economic record, attacking Hillary’s supporters with the BitterCling remarks, constantly impugning her principles and her judgment, exploiting and creating misogynist narratives like “She didn’t cry during Katrina” – well, this was the ugliest spectacle I’ve ever witnessed. As Mark Penn wrote in one of the famous memos:

It is a vast right and left wing conspiracy. Listening to Brit Hume say that Obama is surging while Hillary failed to do X is almost comical and certainly transparent. The right knows Obama is unelectable except perhaps against Attila the Hun, and a third party would come in then anyway.

Caucus Fraud.

There is a documentary in the works called “The Audacity of Democracy,” which will detail what really happened in those red-state caucuses that gave Obama his insurmountable delegate lead (after Florida and Michigan were discounted, of course). Sorry, Obamans, it wasn’t a “superior organization” or a better campaign strategy. It was fraud. And we are just two weeks away from rewarding Obama’s fraud with the nomination for the most powerful position in the world. Are we scared yet?

Threats and Intimidation of Hillary’s Delegates.

Obama certainly wants the opposition to be scared – or eliminated. First, there was Mayor Michael Nutter, during the primaries. Then, there was Debra Bartoshevich. Today, there’s Sacha Millstone and Ed Rendell. If Obama is so obviously, totally and completely the nominee, then what would be the problem with having Hillary’s name in nomination and letting her delegates vote for her? He has enough support to win, right?


Threats and Intimidation of Hillary’s Supporters.

Oh my goodness, where do I even start with this one? Well, let’s just say that as a Hillary supporter, I personally was driven out of all my favorite “progressive” haunts on the blogsophere because of the disgusting bile being published about Hillary. I felt like the “reality-based community” had just dropped acid. What happened to being excited about a Democratic President this year? Turned out they could only be excited if it was NOT HILLARY. Millions of others had a similar experience, and some established HDS-free havens of their own, like Alegre and Riverdaughter, which experienced an immediate explosion in hits and popularity.

As for what other supporters have experienced, Joseph Cannon has an excellent summary at his place. It’s not a pretty picture and definitely not safe for work. Brace yourself before clicking.

Can Obama be held responsible for the behavior of his supporters? Absolutely. That type of attitude comes from the top, and the hatred and bile were prevalent, continuous and widespread for several months at all the A-list prog blogs. Why did Obama never tell his followers to stop alienating potential voters? Why did he play “99 Problems (And a Bitch Ain’t One)” at one of his events? Why did Michelle Obama say Hillary’s tone was a problem and that she would have to think about it before voting for her? Why did Obama say that he’d get Hillary’s voters, but that she wouldn’t get his?

Remember, it’s on purpose.

Conclusion: Hello, Chicago!

I’m not a scientist, but I think that enough data points have been found to make this series of events qualify as a trend.

This isn’t the Party of FDR. It isn’t even the Party of Jimmy Carter. It’s the Party of Al Capone.

And I just say, No Deal. Should the PFKD succeed in foisting their corrupt, unelectable candidate on us, the top of my ticket is remaining blank. I will not sanction this fraud with my precious vote.



11 responses to “The Chicago Way

  1. goodtimepolitics

    The American people has learn over the last few months that Obama is part of the Far Left Chicago Liberal underground, or if they haven’t then they are not keeping up with the campaign. This American will not leave my ballot open as that would be a vote for Obama, I will vote McCain!

  2. goodtimepolitics – An open ballot is not a vote for Obama. A write-in for Hillary could be, though.

    Truthfully, my state will probably go blue no matter what I do. But I own my vote, and neither Obama nor McCain are getting it.

  3. No one gets to the crux of the matter better than you madamab….so glad you are not afraid to call a spade a spade. America is in trouble and every playlet you write helps to show were the weaknesses are and some remedy for them. As I see it, the more people learn about obama, the less likely they are to vote for him….keep being the town crier in that regard, keeping America on her toes PII….

  4. Chicago is the kind of place that gives corruption a bad name.

  5. Carolyn Mann

    Has anyone heard when the “Audacity…” documentary will be released? I would love to see it come out before the convention.

  6. Carolyn Mann

    P.S.: Thanks for the link to Joe Cannon’s piece today. I wish the MSM were picking up and publishing these comments. How could anyone not think that blue collar workers are true Democrats? Obviously the Obama folks need a good history lesson.

    On a similar note, Dick Morris, otherwise known as “that @$$hole” in my household, nevertheless wrote an interesting article at the end of July that talked about Obama’s “women problem.” He points out that soccer moms turned out to be the pivotal vote in 1996 and security moms swung the election in 2004 (I would argue voter fraud swung it, but…). He then goes on to postulate that older moms will be deciding the election this year. I’ve always maintained that these fresh, young thugs who swoon over Obama can scoff at and insult Hillary’s supporters, but they can not win without us. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I hope Dick Morris turns out to be right.

  7. For all his radical connections, Obama isn’t a true lefty. Radicals like his buddy Bill Ayers are simply spoiled brats who played lefty to break the rules, then ran back to Mommy and Daddy to pull their criminal asses out of the fire. They posture and pose and like feeling superior by criticizing “the system,” but never actually do a bit of good for anyone except themselves and their fellow poseurs.

    I doubt Obama sincerely believes in anything – not religion, not party, not philosophy, not family – except his own self-advancement.

  8. hear, hear sister of ye….truer words were never spoken

  9. Sister of ye – you are dead-on. I am insulted that Oba-moi is considered a lefty by so many people! He is a true thug – he understands nothing but violence and power, just like all his close friends and associates who are part of the Chicago Way.

  10. sister of ye, you are spot-on about Ayers and Dohrn. A more tiresome pair I have never encountered.

  11. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!