PUMAs Roar, Obama Runs Away

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;
when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson


Hear Me Roar!

Hear Me Roar!

Like an octopus fleeing from danger, Barack Obama has run away to Hawaii to “spend more time with his family” after a week of sinking in the polls and ever-increasing media skepticism. In his wake, Obama’s two opponents in the primaries have been covered in ink.

First, John Edwards. Oy vey. And I thought this guy was more electable than Hillary at one point! Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. But how was I to know about his sleazy affair, since, as Anglachel says so eloquently, no one in the corporate media bothered to report on it? Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more!

What is odd is the timing of all of this. Obama is shown to be losing ground to John McCain on 9 out of 14 issues, even after his “I’m SMAAAAAHHHT! I’m SMAAAAAAAHHHT, America!” tour of all 57 countries in Old Yurp and the Middle East. He runs off to Hawaii. All of a sudden, the National Enquirer story is confirmed and John Edwards takes everyone’s mind off of SimoFish’s videotape of Hillary stating she wanted a roll call vote at the Convention. “Oooh, floor fight?” suddenly became “Oooh, naughty John!”

And then there’s Hillary. All through the primaries, we have heard accusations from the Obama side that if Hillary couldn’t run a campaign, she couldn’t be a good President. (Anyone remember how well Dubya campaigned? How’s that working out for us?) To further this meme, “someone” (cough cough Patti Solis Doyle cough cough) leaked 200 internal campaign emails to the Atlantic Monthly.  As Riverdaughter says, they probably had 200 emails in one day going back and forth; thus, to present those emails as a definitive “Ah HA! Hillary DOES suck!” moment is simply ludicrous.

And again, the timing is quite puzzling. Isn’t Hillary off right now campaigning for Obama in Florida? What is the point of pouring even more ink on her reputation at this point?

Then, there is the disinformation campaign about the delegate petition that the delegates themselves are circulating. They need to get 300 signatures by delegates in order to get Hillary’s name into nomination. This is not a PUMA movement at all, yet Howard Dean is trying to make it seem so.  Meanwhile, the Party Leaders are out in force stating that a roll call vote would be bad, bad, BAD! (No, it would be unheard of NOT to have a roll call vote and give Hillary a genuine shot at the nomination. As the Denver Group says, the Democratic Party may soon have another Boston Tea Party on their hands.)

During all of this brouhaha, Obama has largely been silent, except to remark vaguely on the crisis in Georgia and to show just how little he cares about the concerns of The Little People like the AFL-CIO. And Oh Teh Kewl, he’ll announce his VP candidate via text message! Someone throw me a water bottle, I’m going to faint!

He did take time out of his busy schedule to throw John and Elizabeth Edwards under the bus. Quelle surprise.

The only thing I can conclude is that Barack Obama is very, very worried about his chances at the Convention. Perhaps it’s not going to be the coronation he was promised. Perhaps Hillary is still stronger than he is. Perhaps he is starting to realize that we bitter, clinging, racist, xenophobic Hillary supporters are not going to “come to” him, and that despite his ludicrous posturing in the primaries, he will NOT get our votes.

Must we really be forced to choose between Republican #1 and Republican #2 in November? Or can we have a real Democrat, a strong, viable, winning candidate to vote for? Is that too much to freaking ask from our freaking Party?

Roar, PUMAs, roar! They’re listening, and they’re afraid.


5 responses to “PUMAs Roar, Obama Runs Away

  1. May I just say how enormously sick I am of the wishy washy
    dem they are trying to pawn off on us as a viable prez nominee!! barakula must be stopped!! In regard to your post about his statement on Georgia/Russia, he even had to flip-flop on that. His idea of foreign affairs is pandering to Europeans by plying them with food and rock concerts.
    It is clear the DNC has lost their collective minds and they
    need to see the error of their ways immediately! We need
    Hillary, pure and simple. Put her name on the ballot to see
    how REAL democracy works.

    We are no longer at “God bless America”…God HELP America and save us from these idiots.

    GO HILLARY!!!!

    P.S. and I hope the roar of the PUMAs cause the DNC
    members to crap their pants….they have put the future
    of America in jeopardy and it is no longer a secret…

  2. Hee hee hee! Don’t hold back, PssttCmere, just tell it like it is! LOL

    Thanks for your comment on my review, by the way. The editors like to see them. 🙂

  3. One more in a line of great posts by madamab. It would be nice to have a fighting dem to vote for. Can we have Hillary back now, please?

  4. John Edwards lost me when he rolled over for Cheney in the 2004 veep debates. That was the fiery plaintiff’s advocate? Really?

    I generally despise media “gotcha” games on Dems, but the $400 haircut got to me. You’re an anti-poverty crusader, and you spend $400 on a haircut? A f*cking haircut? I mean, I can see being tempted by a nice piece of electronics, an exceptional piece of art, hell, even several days in a luxury hotel room with a lush spa. (Ah, my arthritic joints would love a lush spa!) But a haircut? A haircut? Really?

    Sheesh, I cut my own hair, and $400 covers my rent, a fifth of vodka, and a modest meal out. (Hell, yeah, I’m cheap. Just unfortunately not easy.)

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