Welcome to My New Blog!

Take a look around – you’ll see I’ve gathered all my ventures into one place.

In my “About” section, I’ve got information about my opera singing, web design and reviews.

In my “Plays” section, I’ve got links to all my plays and a contact email for anyone who is planning on performing them.

In my “Reviews” section, I’m linking to my reviews on Suite 101. Imagine, being paid to bloviate on movies and television! The mind boggles.

In my “PUMA Actions!” section, I’ve got, well, PUMA actions, and am taking suggestions as to any ideas people might have for the future of PUMA.

I hope you enjoy my new look – more posting tomorrow!


3 responses to “Welcome to My New Blog!

  1. Woohoo! Welcome! You’re gonna love the spam filter!

  2. Welcome! (I should talk, I’m new to the whole blogging thing, but I love doing it!) I’m a longtime lurker on the Confluence so I know how you do what you do and am a fan, but I will be sure to check back often. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks, everyone! 🙂