Wow! I am absolutely disgusted. Can you BELIEVE that a reputable magazine would put a picture this offensive on their cover?

What? You were expecting me to feel sorry for Barack Obama because the New Yorker, the FUCKING NEW YORKER, made fun of the rightwing’s scaremongering about him on its cover?

FYI, Senator Obama, the New Yorker is part of the Liberal Media. In reality. The tiny, eeny weeny Liberal Media, which has very few members at this point, so you must be conversant with the three or four publications which belong to this nearly-microscopic organization.

Are you this dumb, or do you think we are? The New Yorker is laughing at people who think you and Michelle are terrorists, with a flag burning in your fireplace and a picture of Bin Laden on your mantle. They are making fun of the “politics of fear.” Hey, guess what? The issue is called “The Politics of Fear!” Quelle coincidence!

Please don’t pretend you didn’t understand what this was about, Senator. That is simply not credible. Anyone with a functioning brain understood, and you surely possess one. And it’s really getting quite tiresome and frustrating to see you fulfill every rightwing narrative about Democrats. Wimpy? You betcha. The attacks practically write themselves. If Obama can’t face a magazine cover – a JOKING magazine cover – then how is he going to deal with terrorism? Is he really ready to answer the red phone? OMG What About The Children!!!111!!!!

It seems like Senator Obama’s campaign has become addicted to the politics of distraction. He is not doing well against McCain in the national polls, had a much worse-than-projected fundraising month, and has been taking a lot of flak from his more liberal supporters on his vote on the FISA Amendment bill. So he has found something to be upset about – much in the same way that he found something to be upset about in Hillary’s innocuous statement about RFK, just as the latest pastor disastor (Reverend Pfleger) was about to hit the media.

A word to the wise, Senator. Please stop with the faux-rage and fainting spells every time someone even mentions the fact that you are African American. A “historic” candidate who refuses to acknowledge why his candidacy is historic, yet plays the race card every single time any sort of bump arises in his campaign, is cynical in the extreme. A “new kind of politics” indeed – but one that will appeal less and less to a weary public exhausted by the constant cries of racism over nothing.

In the 2004 election, the Republicans were the ones who used wolves to try and scare people into voting for them. In the 2008 election, to our shame, the Democrats are the ones crying wolf.


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  1. Hey madamab,

    I comment as dk over at the Confluence and TalkLeft, and have long seen you as a fellow traveller.

    I just found your blog. Congratulations and much respect for getting one started! I look forward to becoming a regular reader.

  2. Thanks, dk! Your readership is much appreciated. šŸ™‚