PUMA – Party Unity, My Ass!

Over at the Confluence, a new group has formed: PUMA.

Apparently PUMA members are a tad upset that the DNC has granted itself magical powers to give votes and delegates to a candidate whose name was not on the ballot. This was the last straw for the PUMA folks. Furthermore, they are tired of being berated and blackmailed and taunted and told, “Where else can you go? Shut up and vote Obama!”

As for me, I believe that Obama and his supporters do not understand simple English words.

For example, the word “unity.” When you are promoting “unity,” that means you are promoting coming together to fight towards a common goal.

But what is that common goal? An historic loss to McCain in November? The ascendancy of an illegitimate candidate, who has rigged the nomination with the aid of the DNC and questionable caucus results in red states? The admission that sexism and misogyny are Democratic values, and that Democrats really DON’T believe in counting my vote?

These are not, I repeat, NOT, my goals for the Democratic Party. And I believe that most core Democrats would be horrified by anyone asking them to support these goals.

Therefore, “unity” is not what Obamans mean when they cajole, condescend, or abuse in order to try to force you to abandon your beliefs and vote Obama no matter what. No, what they are referring to is “submission.”

Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the Democratic Party from 2006 to today, it’s that submission doesn’t make bullies (like Bush) back down. No, all it does is empower them.

I have no intentions of empowering the New Plutocratic Party in its desire to purge itself of All Things Clinton. As The Bowers Manifesto proved, they have no clear goals for what happens after the work of The Holy One is done, Praised Be His Name.

They can do their dirty work without my support, because I am a proud and forever Old FDR Democrat.

Or, as I call myself now, a member of the PUMA Party.

Here are the action plans:

The action plan for PUMAs is:

1.) Dissociate yourself from the party. Tell them you will not be a party to its self destructive behavior.

2.) Reflect on your values. Read the credo at the top of this site and create at better one. Keep the language general and inclusive. Concentrate on universal truths and beliefs. Avoid wordsmithing.

3.) Stick together. We are powerful as a unit if we do not fall victim to the psychological warfare that is about to be directed at us. Turn off the media. Avoid conversations with trolls. Stand firm and do not yield.

4.) Remember that there is a better alternative. Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate for the party and the nation. She has a lot of support out there. The nation will rally around her if we let them know we are not giving in. We must not let her concede one inch. Stand firm. Send her your good thoughts. Send her money. Do not give up.

5.) Spread the word.

Now that’s a political organization I can be proud of.


4 responses to “PUMA – Party Unity, My Ass!

  1. The DNC and the party upper echelon generally seem to believe in submission (impeachment off the table, etc.).

    It appears to me that group must be made up of old-money or at least “old-boy” network folks, who adore those with power and think the way to get it for themselves is to align themselves with those in power.

    They have forgotten that the DNC exists for the party, not the other way around, and that the party exists for the voters, not vice versa. They have themselves confused with the nation; what is good for their own egos, wallets, status or power must be, then, good for the country–and those of us that dissent are inconvenient and bad.
    I finally get how they are thinking.

    It bothers me that the ruling body of the party is so corrupt, but I finally get it.

    They are not in it for the good of the country, but to feather their own nests.

    What I don’t get, though, is how they landed on Obama as their pet for this election. Can they be so stupid as to not have researched him at all, and now they can’t admit they backed the wrong horse? Or is it as some have said, they feel they can operate him by remote control, as many feel Bush is operated? Or are they so completely out of touch with voters and the country that they are unable to see how unpalatable so many of his actions and connections are?

    I was for Dodd originally, and Edwards, not thinking much about Obama as he seemed too slickly packaged (my BS detector, my friends call it). But the increasingly snotty attitudes, the bizarre religious pandering/sneering/pandering (and let’s add, now, bigotry)—and then that photo of his buddy Ayers, happily stomping on the flag—-he can’t have not known about that, he can’t–that tore it for me.

    No way I can vote for someone who is either that arrogantly dismissive of the citizens of this country, or that stupid. And you wouldn’t think the folks who bankrolled his campaign from the start could have been that stupid. But if they do have themselves confused with the nation, no way are they going to be convinced by him losing an election, or winning an election and trashing Social Security, healthcare, etc. Their portfolios are secure, one expects.

    I’ve often thought we needed a Labor party here, perhaps now is the time.

  2. Judith – I agree! I would LOVE to have viable alternative parties in America. In my view, we should change our electoral system drastically in order to enable this to happen.

    Check out this detailed post on the steps I’d like to see taken.

    Thanks very much for your thoughtful comment! 🙂

  3. YES! Proportional representation!!

    The only additions I would make to your new system are:
    1) to make the voting day a national holiday. I didn’t see that on your list. Many of the people I know work on the weekends (lower you are on the totem pole, less likely you are to have weekends off, or even two days off together) and
    2) make voter registration happen upon citizenship, ie, birth or naturalization,etc. It works in other countries, and it could work here. (And for that matter, though it would make nativists & isolationsists scream, why not let everyone vote, legal citizen or not? If you’re living here, you’re subject to what is happening here, and I sincerely doubt there would be a huge influx of undocumented immigrants who come just to vote and then go away again. Surely we’re a big enough, smart enough country to deal with it. And it would reflect reality much more closely.)

  4. I agree – the weekend should ALSO be a national holiday. And yes to the automatic registration.

    More voices are always better, from where I sit! 🙂