Another Unaccountable President?!

Yesterday, I fumed over the fact that the BushCheney Fascist Regime has had zero accountability for its treason, war crimes, and attempted destruction of Truth, Justice and the American Way.

If Barack Obama is elected President, will we have four more years of an unaccountable Chief Executive?

Think about it. We’ve already had so much finger-pointing from this man and his campaign that it is simply nauseating. Everything is someone else’s fault. His staff messed up. His pastor suddenly “changed.” He barely knows Tony Rezko or William Ayers. But-but-but CLINTON! (aka IACF!). The ABC debate questions are mean. The voters are ignorant Bible-toting, gun-slinging racists. Come on, now, can’t a man just eat his waffle?

The same construct that Obama is not accountable for his actions is making me fret about Florida and Michigan. As we know, this weekend the DNC will meet and try to see if they can fix the complete disaster they created in those two states. Over at my new fave hangout, TalkLeft, the debate rages unabated as to what the best thing to do with the “Uncommitted” votes from Michigan would be. A brief history of the Michigan situation is as follows:

1) The DNC, led by Obama supporter Donna Brazile, but representing itself only, decided to strip MI and FL of all their delegates and votes. This unusual measure essentially penalized the states for moving up their primaries in response to the early date moves of IA, NH, SC and NV – which received no penalties at all for their insurrection. For a comprehensive discussion of what would really happen if we followed “the DNC rules” strictly – a detailed response to the screams of “teh ROOLz! teh ROOlz!” from Obamans – read this excellent summation by Obama supporter Big Tent Democrat. Let’s just say, the Obamans should be careful what they wish for. 😉

2) After this decision, Hillary was leading Obama and Edwards quite decisively in Florida and Michigan polling. There was an option in MI to remove one’s name from the ballot – in FL it was not as easy to do (it seems that it was against the law, although like so much of this mess, people disagree). Obama and Edwards decided to take the MI option to kill the momentum of HRC’s campaign. They were extremely successful. Although HRC won 55% of the vote, 40% went to “Uncommitted” and 4% went to Dennis Kucinich.

Now we know that Hillary has been wanting to fully count all the votes and delegates since at least January of 2008. (This campaign statement was made on the day of the MI primary, prior to any results coming in, and two weeks before the FL primary.) Barack Obama, by contrast, has been fighting every effort to seat the delegates and count the votes, despite efforts by Senator Clinton’s campaign to find any reasonable compromise, including gathering the money to pay for re-votes.

What does Obama want?

He wants all the “Uncommitted” votes – and delegates – to go to him.

Talk about unaccountable!

Here’s how it works in the real world, Senator. When your name is on the ballot, you get votes. When your name is NOT on the ballot BY YOUR OWN CHOICE, you get none. Or perhaps you’d like to award Al Gore some of those votes? Or Bugs Bunny? How ridiculous is this argument? Hey, Hillary knew that she wouldn’t do that well in Oregon. What if she removed her name from that state’s ballot in order to invalidate that election? See how far this line of thinking could be taken?

But this is the crux of the matter to me. Some people argue that in order to be “fair” to Obama’s supporters, you must award him some percentage of the “Uncommitted” vote.

I call total and utter bullshit on this.

Why can we not simply say to Obama’s supporters, “Look, we WANTED to count your votes, but your candidate didn’t want us to.” That is, in fact, the truth. Shouldn’t Obama be accountable to his own supporters? Why should HRC and the DNC be expected to clean up his mess? And why shouldn’t Obama’s supporters know EXACTLY whose fault it is that they were unable to cast their votes for him in Michigan?

For Christ’s sake, WHY DOES HE NEED SO MUCH FUCKING HELP IN THIS ELECTION?!!! Can’t he do one DAMN THING by himself?

HRC has the help of her husband, of course, and we know that is a big asset. But think about it – she has been winning millions of voters despite every other force being arrayed against her. Former strong allies, like Bill Richardson and John Lewis, have switched their loyalty to Obama. The media started declaring her campaign dead in 2007 and has been screeching for her to quit ever since. The Party “Leaders” have lined up squarely behind Obama and have delighted in attempting to assassinate her character and judgment. The candidate himself has tried everything possible to make his nomination seem inevitable despite the fact that the closeness of this election means nothing will be decided until the Convention.

In terms of electability, Hillary cremates McCain – and guess what, it doesn’t even matter who her VP candidate would be. She can do it all by herself.

And should she somehow lose, guess who she will blame? Herself – as well she should. But who will be to blame if Obama is nominated and loses to McCain?

IACF, baby. WAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Clinton told the Republicans what to do!!! She planned it all along!!!! We hates, her, precioussssssss!!111!!!!

Can we please, please nominate the person who is accountable and responsible for her own actions? Who admits her errors and apologizes for them?

Wouldn’t that be a lovely change from eight horrible years of the Least Accountable President Evah?


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