Do The Words "Holy Crap" Mean Anything To You?

Beginning rant:

At 11:19 PM, EDT, with 73% of precincts reporting, Hillary Clinton is winning in West Virginia by 39 percentage points.

66% to 27%.

The numbers speak for themselves. But this rant is for the blind, deaf and dumb superdelegates and the DNC, who can’t seem to understand them.

After a week of declaring HRC dead in the water, this is what the pundits must face: No one gives a shit about them. This is what Obama must face: We want Hillary and not him. This is what the Party must face: Obama gamed the caucuses and bought his way into this race with a huge war chest. The voters do not care.

Can we please fucking admit the fucking elephant in the room is fucking real? Obama cannot get the votes we need to fucking beat John McCaca McMaverick McCain. Oh my fucking God.

Oh, and 75% of West Virginian HRC voters would be “dissatisfied” if HRC is not the nominee.

DO YOU GET IT SUPERDELEGATES?! As Hillary said tonight, THIS IS NOT SOME ACADEMIC EXERCISE! It fucking matters who’s fucking President. It’s either Hillary or McCain. There is NO OTHER CHOICE!

Now do your fucking job and save the Party from this electoral disaster named Barack Obama.

End of rant.


One response to “Do The Words "Holy Crap" Mean Anything To You?

  1. sister of ye


    Absolutely! Obama has no clue about the choices working people make – planning menus around grocery store sales; choosing between, say, eyeglasses and car maintenance, hoping you can afford the other soon; and so much else.

    That “single mother on food stamps” tale is just another of Obama’s many pieces of biographical fiction. As that “paltry” $20 grand for his “community organizing” — I wish I’d been making that much during the 1980s.

    He and the Blogger Boyz don’t understand (or don’t care) that people are falling ill and dying – for lack of heat, health care, decent food. Not to mention the disaster in Iraq.

    We’ve had almost eight years of being led by a callous idiot. We really don’t need 4-8 more.