Campaign 2008 Bumper Sticker Slogans!

Time for the lighter side of the campaign trail! Here are some fun slogans for all the candidates to use. Yes, some may be a bit…snarky.

For Senator John McCain:

McCain ’08. What’s 100 years of war between friends?

McCain ’08. Less drunk than Bush, angrier than Cheney!

McCain ’08. Islamofascists better stay off his lawn!

McCain ’08. Bombing Iran with a song in is heart!

For Senator Barack Obama:

Obama ’08. You have the change I’m looking for!

Obama ’08. Black when I wanna be!***

***(I know, I know, ouch. But I think it’s valid, from my own observations about how he has run his campaign. Also, take a look at this story from the liberal Black Agenda Report.)

Obama ’08. Clinton made me do it!

(h/t TalkLeft)

For Senator Hillary Clinton:

Clinton ’08. I’m not dead yet!

Clinton ’08. It takes a woman to clean up the White House!

Clinton ’08. Clintons wobble, but they don’t fall down!

Waddaya think?

4 responses to “Campaign 2008 Bumper Sticker Slogans!

  1. Let me try.

    McCain ’08. Lieberman’s got his back!

    McCain ’08. He’s older than you are!

    McCain ’08. The cancers mostly gone!

    Hey thats fun! Good way to end a buried under week. Thanks!

  2. Head Honcho

    Here are a few:

    McCain Ate Bush’s Beans

    Barack Hussein Obama: A Boy Named Sue

    McCain Married His Monica (and Her Money) – after he divorced his wife

    McCain’s Autobiography: I Remember Moses

    Hillary Will Drive the Ship of State With Vehicular Certitude

    Hillary: After My Marriage, An International Crisis Will Be a Piece of Cake

  3. Southern Beale

    I think it was Echidne that posted this great one:

    I huge your elephant
    You kiss my ass

    I love it!

  4. Love ’em! Thanks, everyone! 🙂