Oh, This is Too Good to Be True.

McCain and Rove Form a Tentative Alliance

On Friday, a day after Karl Rove donated $2300 to John McCain’s campaign, McCain (R-AZ) put aside a longstanding grudge over Rove’s famously bold tactics in securing George Bush the 2000 GOP nomination, and said that Rove’s advice would be welcome in his campaign.

“Nobody denies he’s one of the smartest political minds in America,” McCain said. “I’d be glad to get his advice. I get advice from a lot of people. I’d be happy to have his advice.”

Now, let me get this straight.

The American populace is screaming for a change. Bush’s policies are proven disasters in every area. His approval ratings are Nixonian. The “wrong direction” numbers are 80%/20%. So, as the Republic nominee, the smartest thing to do would be to try to distance yourself from Bush, right? And since McCain is the recognized “maverickstraightshooterindependent” of the Republic Party, that shouldn’t be so difficult. Right?

Let’s look at this strategery from the so-called “strongest” Republic candidate.

War, My Friends

McCain is on record stating that he wants to be in Iraq for 100 years. He has also been caught on YouTube singing “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.” He’s gathered some of the most hated – and famously wrong – neoconservative warmongers to advise him on “more wars, my friends.”


The Economy – Stupid?

McClueless recently stated that he didn’t understand the economy very well and said in his defense, “I have Greenspan’s book.” Hmmmm, Alan Greenspan – wasn’t that Bush’s boy, whose advice led us directly into the Bush Depression?


Running a Negative Campaign – Good, or Really Really Great?

Both Hackabee and McCain have flamed Willard Romney for running a negative campaign. Yet, McCain has now shown himself to be willing to embrace the King/Queen of All Dirty Tricks, KKKarl Rove – otherwise known as “Bush’s Brain.”


Oh, McMaverick, you’re just so dumb it’s priceless. You’re going down in flames just like your pathetic Chimp-In-Chief. You could have used the Lurve of the Matthews pundits, and your baseless reputation as a “straight talker,” to promote just how different you are from Bush. Hell, it might even have worked. But instead, you’re running to embrace him once again.

It’s too good to be true, but I think it is. And despite the assurances of the traditional media, it’s great news for Democrats.


5 responses to “Oh, This is Too Good to Be True.

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  2. Meet your new boss, Johnnie!

    Of course, Rove is just the public face of the real secret cabal.

  3. “Nobody denies he’s one of the smartest political minds in America,” McCain said. “I’d be glad to get his advice. I get advice from a lot of people. I’d be happy to have his advice.”

    Political genius huh? Yeah, who woulda thunk cheating would work?

  4. McCain is doing what Bush did. He’s lining up his proxies to launch a racist/sexist attack on the Democratic nominee. They’ll do the dirty work while his hands stay “clean”.

  5. definitely, Timmy B!

    of course, that type of attack only goes so far when the alternative is an old warmongering fuck like McMaverick. plus, Murkins are sick of conservatives and their failed policies.

    I think they know it’s a lost cause in 2008.