Sick and Depressed.

I’ve got a bug, and I’m depressed. Going by the polls, Barack Obama is going to win in NH too. I understand he is polling very well with “Independents.”

Let’s just say right out that none of the candidates is going to be liberal enough for me, and I’m okay with trying to push them, through activism, towards progressive values. However, I take great exception to Senator Obama’s attempt to win the presidency by attacking folks like me and reaching out to rightwingers, while knowing that he’ll get my vote anyway. It’s infuriating, and none of the other Democratic candidates have done so in such an obvious and egregious manner.

If it were not for the TeeVee and corporate election financing, we would probably have President Dodd or Kucinich in the White House in 2009, as they represent the things that most Americans care about. I do hope Edwards can pull it out, but I don’t know if he will gain enough money to continue the race through Super Tuesday, unlike Hillary and Obama, who have money for the long haul.

I really wish people voted for policy and not personality or bumper sticker slogans. To me, Barack Obama is like that cute foreign exchange student in high school, you know, the one with the British accent. You think he’s the dreamiest because of the way he says what he’s saying, but then when you go on a few dates with him, you realize that what he’s saying isn’t actually all that great, and furthermore, he borrowed a lot of his ideas from that nerdy guy in Science class (that would be Senator Clinton).

Oh well. I guess we won’t really know anything till Super Tuesday, but I’m not liking how this is going, not one little bit.


4 responses to “Sick and Depressed.

  1. you know i’d do anything it takes to cheer you up and make you feel better. 🙂

    how about i start by agreeing with you completely. although i never dated that foreign eschange student guy.

  2. you are such a doll! thank you. 🙂

    I never dated him either – I just made out with him. 😉

  3. exotic foreigners get all the luck.


  4. ah, dirk, perhaps in another life…:-)