Enough about the Presnitial candidates already! Congressman Wexler (D-FL), who is on the Judiciary Committee, wants hearings on the languishing Cheney Impeachment Resolution. Do you?

If so, show your support and sign his petition. He’s gotten more than 121,000 already.

Elsewhere on the site, Mr. Wexler explains why starting the hearings would strengthen both the Constitution and the Democratic agenda.

After the Democratic Party regained control of Congress, many – myself included – thought that it might be possible to meet President Bush half-way on the large issues facing our nation. Unfortunately, Bush has been nothing more than an ideological obstacle. He has vetoed stem cell research. He has vetoed efforts to bring our troops home from Iraq. He vetoed children’s health care. So, the idea that we are somehow inhibiting Congress from passing our agenda by holding impeachment hearings – unfortunately – is a false argument.

Instead, I believe that we can both live up to our Constitutional obligation by holding hearings and pass a Democratic agenda. If President Bush perceives that the Democratic Congress is weak and unwilling to aggressively push our agenda – he will continue to veto legislation, such as children’s health care – that is supported by a majority of Americans. The only way to move a progressive Democratic agenda is by acting through strength and following through on our core principles. A Congress willing to stand up to the abuses of the Bush Administration through impeachment hearings will demonstrate a strength of will that will more likely convince Bush to accommodate on issues such as Iraq, health care, and energy and environmental issues.

The success of our activism on the FISA bill shows that if enough of us speak out, we will prevail. Let’s keep the momentum going!


One response to “Impeach!

  1. Southern Beale

    I’m really frightened for the future of this country if we DON’T impeach. Think about it: we will have lowered the bar so much as to what is acceptable/tolerable in presidential power grabs.

    It just boggles the mind.

    I’m grateful I don’t have chidlren and I DO have a passport.