My Letter To Harry Reid

Hint, hint.

Dear Senator Reid,

I am extremely disappointed that you would wish to circumvent Senator Dodd’s hold on the reprehensible Senate version of the FISA bill. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the telecom companies be given immunity for their lawbreaking actions. Senator Dodd is right and you are simply wrong on this issue.

The American people do not like lawbreakers. By giving Bush what he wants in this bill, you are directly sanctioning lawbreaking. Is that truly the position you want the Democratic leadership to take?

Thank you,


Seriously, Harry. RULE OF LAW. Ring any bells for ya?

I’m really tired of this crap from our leadership. We need more people like Chris Dodd…and like Representative Pete Stark from California. WOW.

Of course, the pundits are clutching their pearls about Pete Stark’s remarks. On Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night, Dana Milbank opined that Stark should apologize. Why? Because President Bush “is a person and obviously does not enjoy killing people.”

On top of the evidence in the link above, I would like to point to Bush’s reputation as the “Texecutioner,” executing 152 people as Governor, and to his mocking of Karla Faye Tucker’s plea for leniency in her death penalty sentencing. Of course, since Bush and his cabal have taken over our government, literally millions of people have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not an accident.

No, Stark should not apologize. Like Chris Dodd, he’s finally telling it like it is.

It’s refreshing to hear the truth coming out of Washington, isn’t it?


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