No Habla Habeas

42 Republics and one CFL in the Senate have just filibustered the restoration of Habeas Corpus. I don’t know how Harry Reid will proceed now, but I certainly hope he will not give up. I’d make those fucking cowards filibuster until they pee their Depends.

From this day forward, I officially refuse to recognize these so-called public servants as belonging to a legitimate political party. They are now designated (by this ZZZZZZZ-list bloggista, at least ) as Fascists and referred to as such. For example, Pete Domenici (F-NM), or Joseph Lieberman (F-CT.)

I don’t have an O’Reilly-like vision of my own influence in the world, but taking this small step will make me feel a lot better. And in the face of this vote, I need something to prevent myself from drinking heavily…


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