Mitt: My Dog Loves Being On The Roof!

There is absolutely nothing Mitt Romney won’t say to try to become Preznit. Sadly, despite his smell of magic underwear and holy water, it doesn’t look like it’s in the cards for the Mittster. Even Chris Wallace of (gasp!) Fox Nothing Channel doesn’t seem to be on board the Mittebago.

In perhaps the show’s most memorable moment, Wallace revisited a flap that (dare we say it?) dogged Romney in late June: the revelation that during a family vacation years ago, a pet Irish Setter went along … on top of the car.

Romney quickly defended himself, saying the dog (named Seamus) traveled in a “completely airtight kennel” mounted on the car’s roof.

But Wallace would have none of it. “Well, I’ve got to tell you, Massachusetts law and dog lovers — and I’m one of them — take this seriously” he sniffed. “Massachusetts law prohibits carrying an animal on top of a car, even in a kennel, as cruel and inhuman. Do you really think you did nothing wrong?

Replied Romney: “I wasn’t familiar with that in terms of Massachusetts law. Love my dog. …”

You can check out the complete transcript here.

Seriously, Mitt. You were the GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS. Are you telling me you didn’t know your actions were against the law? Either you’re a bald-faced liar, or you’re totally incompetent.

Actually, I’m voting for “both of the above.” But I won’t be voting for Mitt. And neither will Republics in November 2008.


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